Frödinflies SOS Organizing Wallets

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Manufacturer: Frödinflies

Frödinflies SOS Organizing Wallets - Mikael Frödin has travelled the world with his fly tying stuff. He has used all possible tying bags, all too small, resulting in chaos every time. This is how the idea grew, to do simple but extremely functional packing system: SOS – SALAR Organizing System. It is designed to take the whole fly tying kit, but it has shown to be just superb for everything from leader material and shooting heads to extra socks and fishing maps. The system is made in a durable clear plastic with good reliable zips. All sizes of wallets consists of 5 pockets. Using the card holder you mark your system with your name and content.

One wallet per package.

Frödinflies SOS Organizing Wallets come in three sizes:

  • Small: 22 x 17 cm. In the small one you can pack tools, tying thread, spools, cones or why not all your leaders and shooting heads. It’s only your imagination that sets the limits.
  • Medium: 30 x 20 cm. In the medium you can pack necks, SSS Braid, smaller skins, hackle and ostrich herls among other materials.
  • Large: 40 x 30 cm. The biggest is suitable for bigger soft skins, flash, hair of different colour & structure or why not let them carry your secret fishing maps.
Size Dimensions Pockets
Small 22 x 17 cm 5
Medium 30 x 20 cm 5
Large 40 x 30 cm 5


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