Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master

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Manufacturer: Easy Shrimp Eyes

Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master is a whole new stripping basket – full of features that has never been seen before. Tray can be folded which makes walking and wading easier when you are changing the fishing spot. Folded tray will also hold the fly line more securely than any other stripping basket.

Another exciting new feature is curved tips of the spikes. These hold fly line in place steadily even in the strong wind. Provides better line management during fishing.

There is also an integrated rod holder which helps you in those cases when you have waded a long way from the shore and need to change the fly or leader. The rod holder has also an ultra-strong coated magnet integrated. This helps to keep the fly in place for example during breaks or when changing the fishing spot.

Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master stripping basket features:

  • Exciting new line basket for shore and boat fishing
  • Works great for seatrout fishing, pike fishing, tropical saltwater fishing etc.
  • Collapsible structure – makes moving with stripping basket easier
  • Longer, curved spikes – better line management
  • Integrated rod holder – holds the rod during breaks and fly changing
  • Magnet – holds the fly when moving or having a break
  • Weight only 309 grams (with belt)
  • Easy Shrimp Eyes is a Danish Company that focuses in manufacturing products for seatrout fly fishing
  • Developed and manufactured in Denmark, excluding the belt and the magnet
Line Master, Stripping Basket
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