Soldarini SFT 465 Grub

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Manufacturer: Soldarini

Soldarini SFT 465 Grub is a barbless hook. It has curved shank and its shape is perfect for czech nymphs and other larvae patterns & bead headed pupae imitations. Can be also used for emerger flies.

Soldarini SFT 465 Grub hook features:

  • Curved shank hook for larvae, pupae and other emergers
  • Barbless
  • Hi-Carbon
  • Black nickel finish
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Made in Japan
  • 20 hooks per package

See the cart below for approximate measurements of the hooks. There is also a recommendation for slotted bead size for all hook sizes. We have checked the compatibility with Hareline's Slotted Tungsten Beads, but the chart can be used for other manufacturers' beads as well. Please note that there might be variation in regard of bead size and slot size between different manufacturers, so we are not able to guarantee the compatibility in those cases. Fly pattern and the desired weight of the fly also affect on choosing the correct bead size. In some cases you may choose even smaller or larger bead size.

Hook size Total length Gape width Recommended bead size
#10 14,8 mm 6,4 mm 2,8 - 3,8 mm
#12 13,2 mm 5,8 mm 2,8 - 3,3 mm
#14 11,3 mm 4,8 mm 2,3 - 2,8 mm
#16 10,2 mm 4,3 mm 2,0 - 2,3 mm

Hook Size:

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