Soldarini XPS C100 Dry

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Manufacturer: Soldarini

Soldarini XPS C100 Dry is a barbless multi-purpose hook for dry fly patterns. The hook has standard gape width and shank length which makes it suitable for most dry flies. Use for caddis & mayfly imitations and more modern dry flies. Light and thin wire is crucial for tying high floating dries.

Soldarini XPS hook collection is made in Japan and they are designed for competitive fly fishing. These fly hooks have extremely sharp, eagle beak chemically sharpened point which guarantees a perfect hold. Compared to SFT hook models, XPS hooks have slightly brighter finish and higher quality. The XPS hooks have larger package size, containing 25 hooks per package. 

Soldarini XPS C100 Dry hook features:

  • Multi-purpose dry fly hook
  • Use for mayfly & caddis imitations and other dry flies
  • Standard shank length and gape width
  • Lightweight wire
  • Down-eye
  • Beaked point
  • Barbless
  • High quality carbon steel
  • Black nickel finish
  • Chemically sharpened - Ultra sharp
  • Made in Japan
  • 25 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#10 15,6 mm 5,4 mm
#12 14,7 mm 4,9 mm
#14 12,4 mm 4,2 mm
#16 11,4 mm 3,7 mm
#18 8,7 mm 3,3 mm

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