Veniard Ready Stripped Quills

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Manufacturer: Veniard

Veniard Ready Stripped Quills are perfect for quill bodies, feelers & eye stalks. Creates nice segmented bodies for insect imitations, can be used for both wet & dry flies. When tying bodies, it's recommended to soak quills in water for a while, to ease handling.

Also a good material for tying feelers for shrimpy looking salmon and seatrout flies. In that case the attachment point of the stem can be slightly pressed flat with pliers. This will make the tying of the quill to the preferred position easier.

Veniard Ready Stripped Quills features:

  • Use as a body material - suitable for both dry & wet flies
  • Use also as feelers in shrimpy salmon and seatrout flies
  • Package contains about 10 - 15 stripped quills
  • Length approximately 4 - 6 cm


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