Stonfo Steeltech Bobbin

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Manufacturer: Stonfo

Stonfo Steeltech Bobbin holder is made entirely of stainless steel with a sturdy ergonomic structure. Its weight of 35 grams helps to maintain a good tension on the tying thread. The central shaft guarantees the maximum stability of the spool, while the two knobs allow the perfect adjustment of the tension. Tube with very strong hardened steel bush to prevent fraying. This bobbin holder is perfectly balanced during rotation and is therefore ideal for dubbing.

Stonfo Steeltech Bobbin features:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Very strong, hardened steel bush
  • Weight 35 grams - maintains a good tension when the bobbin is hanging freely
  • Adjustable tension
  • Total length about 10 cm - suitable for all fly tying
  • See also the larger version of this same bobbin as well: Stonfo Streamer Bobbin
Steeltech Bobbin
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