Daiwa DVEC Rod & Reel Bands

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa DVEC Rod & Reel Bands - your essential solution for secure and organized rod and reel storage.

These part-elasticated rod bands are designed to keep your rigged rods safely in place during transit. The base part of each band incorporates a vented rod butt cup, allowing the rod handle to breathe during storage, ensuring it stays in pristine condition.

Each band also features a reel pouch, ideal for protecting your reels when they're stored alongside your rods or carried separately. This extra layer of protection ensures your valuable equipment is shielded from any potential damage.

In addition, the DVEC Rod & Reel Bands come with a tip pouch that's separated to prevent delicate tips from being put under strain during transit. Your fishing gear deserves the best care and protection, and these bands are here to provide just that. Keep your equipment organized, secure, and in top condition with the DVEC Rod & Reel Bands.

DVEC Rod & Reel Bands
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