Daiwa Prorex X Spin

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Manufacturer: Daiwa

Daiwa Prorex X Spin - new spinning rod model for season 2024. The ultimate balance of affordability and high-performance angling.

Crafted with a HMC+ carbon fiber blank, these rods offer exceptional sensitivity and unwavering durability, ensuring you're always in tune with even the most subtle bites. The seamless spigot put over joint design enhances your casting accuracy and power when setting the hook.

The Brading-X handle section not only offers a comfortable grip but also precise control, allowing you to effortlessly execute powerful, accurate casts. The lightweight and ergonomic EVA split grip handle ensures you can fish all day without experiencing fatigue.

The Sensi-Touch reel seat takes your sensitivity to the next level, making it a breeze to detect even the faintest strikes. Seaguide guides offer consistently smooth casting with minimal friction, enhancing your overall fishing experience.

And for your convenience, the Prorex X Rods come with a handy hookkeeper, keeping your lures and hooks secure during transport.

With the Daiwa Prorex X Rods, you'll experience unmatched performance without breaking the bank. Elevate your angling game affordably with the Prorex X series and get ready for an unparalleled fishing adventure.

Daiwa Prorex X Spin rod features:

  • HMC+ carbon fiber blank
  • Fast action
  • Spigot put over joint
  • Brading-X handle section
  • EVA split grip
  • Sensi-touch reel seat
  • Seaguide guides
  • Hookkeeper
  • 2 sections
Model Name Technique Power Length Lure Weight Weight
PXE722LFS-BS Finesse Finnesse / Light Jig / Jerk Bait / Small Cranks Light 7'2"/219cm 3-18g 112g
PXE722MLFS-BS Multi Jig Jig / Multi-Purpose Medium Light 7'2"/219cm 5-25g 117g
PXE722MFS-BS Power Jig Heavy Jig / Offset Jig / Jig To Heavy Cover / Spinnerbait Medium 7'2"/219cm 7-32g 122g
PXE772ULFS-S-BS Street Light Ultra Finesse Ultra Light 7'7"/235cm 1-8g 115g
PXE772MLFS-BS Long Universal Deep Water Jig / Carolina / Multi-Purpose Medium Light 7'7"/235cm 5-25g 123g
PXE802MFS-BS Versatile Multi-Purpose Medium 8'/244cm 10-35g 143g
PXE802MHFS-BS Handyman Multi Species / Multi-Purpose Medium Heavy 8'/244cm 15-50g 147g
PXE842XHFS-BS Lazy Pike Pike Multi-Purpose Extra Heavy 8'4"/256cm 30-120g 161g


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