RIO Elite Gamechanger Body

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Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO Elite Gamechanger Body is the perfect delivery system for long tapered sink tips, getting flies down in the water column, and lines below variable surface currents. Versatile shooting head, that can be used for both skagit and scandi style casting. The spey body features RIO's Multi Density Control - a seamless blend of three different densities that ensures the smoothest transition of energy when casting, and the very best depth control when fishing. Say goodbye to hinging, weak casts and poor turnover with these sinking spey bodies. Each built with SlickCast Technology and ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Plus for the maximum in sensitivity and performance.

This fly line is based on the original RIO InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger. The biggest difference between this new Elite model and the original InTouch model is longer front taper which is the quickest sinking part of the fly line. This will ensure fast sinking. The line itself has still the same overall length, excluding 400 grains model which is now 23 ft long in all sinking rates.

With the Elite GameChanger Body, the wide variety of density options give anglers total control over the depth of fishing, ensuring a straighter line down to the fly, reducing sag typical in single-density lines. The F/H/I option is great with an intermediate, type 3 tip, and swings beautifully between 2ft-4ft. The F/I/S3 is ideal for adding type 3 and type 6 tips, and good for swinging between 4ft and 8ft down along with a F/S3/S5 for swinging 8ft to 12ft down. Full sinking options are also available with an intermediate I/S2/S3 and fastest sinking, bottom-dredging S3/S5/S7 as the best choice for getting the slowest, deepest swing.

Line color:

  • F/H/I - Aqua/Lt. Aqua/Yellow/Flo Orange​​​​​​​
  • F/I/S3 - Black/Aqua/Yellow/Flo Orange
  • F/S3/S5 - Black/Yellow/Flo Orange
  • I/S2/S3 - Black/Aqua/Flo Orange
  • S3/S5/S7 - Black/Flo Orange

RIO Elite Gamechanger Body features:

  • Unique taper casts a wide variety of tips, from heavy level T material to tapered 10 ft replacement tips or 15 ft replacement tips
  • Grain weights can be selected to match preferred casting styles, skagit or scandi style (see the chart below)
  • Full range of sink rates to swing flies from just sub-surface, all the way down to dredging the bottom of the deepest and fastest runs
  • Multi-Density Control maintains a straight line connection
  • As other RIO's Elite lines, this too has ultra slick SlickCast coating and low stretch ConnectCore Plus core
  • Ready made loops on both ends
Weight Head Length Skagit use Scandi use
400gr (25.9g) 23ft (7.0m) #6 #7
450gr (29.2g) 23ft (7.0m) #6/7 #7/8
500gr (32.4g) 23ft (7.0m) #7 #8
550gr (35.6g) 23ft (7.0m) #8 #8/9
600gr (38.9g) 24ft (7.3m) #8/9 #9
650gr (42.1g) 25ft (7.6m) #9 #9/10
725gr (47.0g) 25ft (7.6m) #10/11 #11

Line Model, Sink Rate:

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