Frödinflies Samurai Hair

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Manufacturer: Frödinflies

Frödinflies Samurai Hair is selected goat hair for salmon and seatrout tube flies. The Samurai fly pattern, with its long, slim, drop-formed design, requires hair with precise attributes: a soft swimming tail, a narrow profile, and minimal tangling, even at high speeds through the water. This specially selected genetic goat hair embodies these qualities, making it the finest samurai hair Mikael Frödin have ever encountered, both in tying and fishing. Dyed in colors that complement expanding family of Samurai fly patterns, it perfectly suits the needs.

Frödinflies Samurai Hair features:

  • Use as a wing material
  • Use for tube flies
  • Perfect for tying Mikael Frödin's Samurai fly patterns
  • Selected goat hair
  • The length of this hair varies from 10 to 20 cm


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Blood Red
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Burnt Orange
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Clear Water Blue
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Greenlander Green
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Lion Yellow
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Pahtakorva Brown
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Sunburst Yellow
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