Airflo Sixth Sense 2 Sweep

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Manufacturer: Airflo

Airflo Sixth Sense 2 Sweep is specifically designed to create a ‘U’ shape sink path, The Airflo Sweep lines cover a range of depths effectively during a single cast. Available in a range of sink rates for precision depth control, making them the ideal ‘searching’ lines.

The diving action of your flies getting pulled downwards by the belly make an attractive movement and the steeper angle at the end of the retrieve gives an almost vertical when you using faster sinking models making them absolutely perfect for fishing ’Strip & hang’ techniques.

Available in three types of sweep sinkers, Di3, Di5 and and Di7 belly sink rates, the tip of the Di3 sinks at 1.5inch per second where the belly sinks at 3inch per second, Di5 sinks at 3.5inch per sec and the Belly sinks at 5inch per sec, on the Di7 version the tip sinks at 5inch per sec and the belly sinks at 7inch per second.

Power Core provides excellent take detection at any depth or range. Now with welded loops both ends and line tags for easy identification in your tackle bag.

Airflo Sixth Sense 2 Sweep fly line's features:

  • Sweep line for stillwater fly fishing
  • Tip of the fly line sinks slower than the belly, creating a U shape sink path
  • Total head length 13,1 m (43 ft)
  • Total length 32 m (105 ft)
  • PVC Free
  • Ready made loops at both ends
  • Low stretch 20 lb braid core
Line weight Density Total head weight
WF5/6 Sink 3 (3.0ips) 324gr / 21gm
WF5/6 Sink 3 (3.0ips) 386gr / 25gm
WF6/7 Sink 5 (5.0ips) 324gr / 21gm
WF6/7 Sink 5 (5.0ips) 386gr / 25gm
WF7/8 Sink 7 (7.0ips) 324gr / 21gm
WF7/8 Sink 7 (7.0ips) 386gr / 25gm

Line Model, Sink Rate:

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