Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer

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Manufacturer: Airflo

Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer fly line features a short, thick, aggressive front taper to turn over the bulkiest of streamers. Extended body and rear taper provide excellent line management, and low stretch Power Core ensures solid hook sets. Features Micro Loops on both ends. Superflo Technology makes this line shoot like crazy.

Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer fly line's features:

  • Floating fly line for single hand rods
  • Aggressive front taper - perfect for streamer fishing
  • PVC free
  • Line tag - line weight printed on the front loop
  • Ultra supple coating
  • Loops at both ends of the fly line
  • Low stretch 20 lb braid core
Line weight AFTM weight (first 30’) Total head length Total length
WF-5-F 170gr / 11gm 12.05m / 39.5ft 27.4m / 90ft
WF-6-F 194gr / 12.6gm 12.05m / 39.5ft 27.4m / 90ft
WF-7-F 221gr / 14.3gm 12.05m / 39.5ft 27.4m / 90ft

Line Model, Sink Rate:

WF-5-F, Floating
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WF-6-F, Floating
In stock
WF-7-F, Floating
In stock
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