Westin Swimming Worm

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Manufacturer: Westin

Westin Swimming Worm - Imagine if you could combine the effectiveness of a paddle tail into a curl tail bait? The Swimming Worm perfects this combination creating an awesome swimming worm-style bait that are the go-to for many US Bass Anglers. The tempting Swimming Worm has been especially designed to cover a lot of water on tricky days. Swim it in mid-water or through grass, crawl it along the bottom, or jig it in and around structure. The Swimming Worm was developed especially for medium to fast retrieve speeds to cover lots of ground quickly. The lure material gives the perfect combination of softness and durability. Rig the Swimming Worm on an EWG / worm, or offset hook for weedless presentations and fish it on a Texas / Carolina rig, or a traditional jig head.

Westin Swimming Worm features:

  • Free from toxic phthalates
  • Weedless design
  • Hook slots in the back
  • Fish catching scent
  • Slim profile for increased hook-up ratio
  • Length 13 cm
  • Weight 5 g
  • 5 pieces per package

Color, Length / Quantity:

Black / Chartreuse, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Clear Water Mix, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Dark Water Mix, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Magic Baitfish, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Motoroil Pepper, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Shiner, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
UV Craw, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Watermelon Red, 13 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
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