Westin Ned Worm Curl

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Manufacturer: Westin

Westin Ned Worm Curl - Worms catch fish and the Ned Worm Curl combines the slim body of a worm with a thin curl tail that creates a kicking, twisting action that drives fish crazy. We have also added a hollow cylindrical chamber at the end of the tail that helps the tail stand up, and produces small air bubbles when the lure is moved. The hollow chamber creates a unique irregular movement in the tail. It also acts as a trigger point that flutters around enticing fish to bite when the lure is on the bottom. The Ned Worm Curl is super-elastic and soft, yet extremely durable. The buoyant TPE formula ensures it always stands up from the bottom - the key to success on tricky days. Rig the Ned Worm Curl on a Ned rig, jig head, EWG / worm, or offset hook. It will swim on a steady retrieve, on the drop, or crawled along the bottom, making it incredibly versatile for perch, zander, bass and other predatory fish.

Westin Ned Worm Curl jig's features:

  • Super-elastic and strong TPE material
  • Floating
  • Can be rigged weedless
  • Fish catching scent
  • Slim profile for increased hook-up ratio
  • Curl tail with hollow cylindrical chamber
  • Length 12 cm
  • Weight 3 g
  • 5 pieces per package
  • Do not store TPE jigs with other lures

Color, Length / Quantity:

Black / Chartreuse, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Clear Water Mix, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Dark Water Mix, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Magic Baitfish, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Motoroil Pepper, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Shiner, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
UV Craw, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
Watermelon Red, 12 cm / 5 pcs
In stock
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