Westin W3 Rig Wallet

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Manufacturer: Westin

Westin W3 Rig Wallet - Keep your rigs, lures and accessories organized in the W3 Rig Wallet. This rig wallet features eight removable sleeves and one mesh pocket. Ideal for preparing rigs at home, storing them perfectly in readiness for your next trip. This bag is perfect for storing smaller accessories such as beads, spilt rings and snaps. Fill up your W3 Rig Wallet and you are rigged and ready to hit the water.

Use also for storing fly fishing tips, shooting heads, tube flies etc.

Westin W3 Rig Wallet features:

  • Material: 660D/210D Diamond Pattern Polyester with coating
  • Eight removable PE bags (S: 15 x 12cm / M: 16 x 24cm)
  • One mesh pocket
  • Carry handle
  • Small: 20 x 15 x 4 cm
  • Medium: 22 x 29 x 5 cm
  • Please note that the product does not include the rigs and accessories shown in the pictures.

Color, Size:

Grey / Black, Small
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Grey / Black, Medium
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