Frödinflies SNS Peacock Eye Feathers

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Manufacturer: Frödinflies

Frödinflies SNS Peacock Eye Feathers are dyed in Frödin's signature colours, they boast a natural fluorescence that adds a brilliant shine to your flies. Whether tied in as a roof over the wing, mixed into the wing itself, or spun for bodies, these feathers offer extra versatility and allure. Frödinflies also presents bleached and dyed variants, slightly more delicate but equally integral to many of Frödin's patterns, and sure to inspire new innovations at the tying table.

B&D colors are bleached & dyed and have brighter color. Other colors are dyed without bleaching and have more natural look.

Frödinflies SNS Peacock Eye Feathers features:

  • Traditional material for many salmon fly patterns and traditional wet flies & dry flies
  • Available in bleached & dyed (B&D) colors, other colors have more natural look with only slight tone
  • Barb length approximately 4 - 7 cm
  • Feather length approximately 15 - 20 cm
  • Two feathers per package

Peacock is included in CITES list (Pavo Cristatus, CITES III/C specie). We do not sell this product outside EU. Exporting or travelling with this product or parts of it outside EU may require export/import permit from your local and/or destination country's authorities.


B&D Burnt Orange
In stock
B&D Clear Water Blue
In stock
B&D Evil Magenta
In stock
B&D Greenlander Green
In stock
B&D Lion Yellow
In stock
B&D Sunburst Yellow
In stock
Charcoal Black
In stock
Clear Water Blue
In stock
Evil Magenta
In stock
Greenlander Green
In stock
Hot Orange In Flames
In stock
Sunburst Yellow
In stock
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