Stonfo Magnetic Hook Box

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Manufacturer: Stonfo

Stonfo magnetic hook box holds you hooks securely in place. Box has small stick, with magnet in the other end to help sorting and picking hooks. Box base is magnetic and it is divided to smaller compartments. Each compartment has no magnetic inclined plane allowing to take hooks more easily from the box.

Available in three models:

  • Orange smaller model has 10 compartments (6 small, 4 big) and its size is 120x80x13 mm.
  • Large, green model has 14 compartments (6 small, 8 big) and its size is 150x100x14 mm.
  • Two-sided model has 31 compartments and its size is 120x80x19 mm.

Color, Model:

Green, Large
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Green, Two-sided
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Orange, Small
16,50 EUR
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