Loon Caddy

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Manufacturer: Loon Outdoors

Loon Caddies help you to keep your floatant and other bottles always handy. Three models: Small Caddy, Medium Caddy and Large Caddy. All models have clips on them which you can use to hang the Caddy on your fly fishing vest.

The Small Caddy guarantees you will never lose a bottle of floatant. Simply unscrew the top off of your floatant bottle, slide the bottle into the elastic loop, fold the "Secure-Top" attachment over the neck of the bottle, and rescrew on the cap. Your floatant will be hanging upside down, always ready to use. Compatible with Gink, Xink, Aquel, Aquel, Royal Gel, or Henry’s Sinket bottles and other 1/2 oz. bottles.

The Medium Caddy fits Easy Dry, Blue Ribbon and Top Ride, and stores them securely and conveniently with an attachment clip.

The Large Caddy is the combination of the small and medium caddies. Aquel and Top Ride, or any combination of 1/2 oz and 2 oz Loon Products, can be kept together for easy use.


Small Caddy
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Medium Caddy
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Large Caddy
Large Caddy
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Available on 5.4.2023
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