RIO Coldwater Outbound (Saltwater)

76,00 EUR 38,00 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

With a little celestial guidance, RIO has created the OutBound Integrated Shooting Taper. With this line the average freshwater or saltwater caster can launch casts far, far away to the previously unreachable.

Designed to load high performance rods quickly with few false casts because the 11,4 meter head is heavier than the AFTMA standards. The supple coldwater monofilament core and coating, combined with a taper design unique to each model, plus a thin tangle-free running line, ensure the longest flight time for unearthly casts.

Available in different models from floating, hover and intermediate heads with floating running lines, to DC Type 3 and DC Type 6 sinking heads with intermediate sinking running lines. The lines include welded loops on the front and are color-coded for sink rate.

  • Floating: WF-5-F - WF-12-F, Color: Yellow/Green
  • Intermediate: WF-5-F/I - WF-14-F/I, Color: Yellow/Clear
  • Type 3 Sink: WF-6-S3 - WF-10-S3, Color: Yellow/Brown (Type 3 is being discontinued from RIO catalog)
  • Type 6 Sink: WF-6-S6 - WF-10-S6, Color: Gray/Dark Gray

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