TFO Lefty Kreh Bluewater

320,00 EUR Incl. 24% VAT

Lifting power is the name of the game on the offshore grounds and TFO’s hybrid S-glass sticks in combination with IM6 graphite are built to do battle. If you’re chasing brutes like billfish, tuna, trevally, and sharks these are the sticks you want to have in your arsenal. Of course, getting the fly to the fish is a vital part of the game and you’ll find that this series can deliver the goods from pint size poppers to feather duster - like streamers.

To provide increased power and durability we put our blue water blanks through the TiCr coating process twice. The top quality components include up locking reel seats, flor grade cork, a full wells grip with a fore grip and a unique blue granite finish. The Baby and Light Duty rods utilize snake and titanium oxide stripping guides. Our Medium Duty and battlewagon Heavy Duty rods have aluminum oxide inserts on all guides including tip tops. In big game fishing where second-rate gear is quickly relegated to the junk pile it’s all important to equip yourself with the right stuff. Get into the contest with rods that truly live up to their name: TFO’s Bluewater series.


Model Line Length Pieces Grip Weight g Compatible Rod Case
TF BW BABY 10 - 11 9' 0" 4 1 243 TF RCT 9/4
TF BW LD 10 - 13 9' 0" 4 1 224 TF RCT 9/4
TF BW MD 13 - 15 8' 6" 4 1 227 TF RCT 9/4
TF BW HD 15 - 17 8' 6" 4 2 230 TF RCT 9/4

Remember to get also a rod case for your new rod.

TFO fly rods have normal warranty against manufacturing or material defects. In addition to this, TFO offers service for fly rods (no registration needed in Europe). It is possible to buy service parts with reasonable price if your rod breaks. 

Cost of replacement is starting from 60 euros per part, actual price is evaluated separately for each case. Typically tip part is cheapest and butt has higher price. Service parts might have few weeks delivery time.

If your rod is bought from Mistpool and you need service parts, the fastest way to handle issue is to contact TFO Finnish importer Jaakot Oy (, please include order date and Mistpool order number). If rod is not bought from us, please contact your local TFO importer.


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