TFO Cast Prism

From 106,00 EUR
Partpayment from 9 EUR/month.

Consistent with TFO's tradition of offering high performance gear at an affordable price, the new Prism Cast Large Arbor Reels are made from cast aluminum with a cork disc drag and a one way clutch bearing for instant drag engagement. They feature quick change spools and easy LH/RH conversion.

Excellent quality for reasonable price. Spare spool is available.

Model Line Diameter Width Weight Capacity
TFR P CLA 3/4 #3-4 7,1 cm 2,54 cm 138 g 80 yds/ 20lb./WF3F
TFR P CLA 5/6 #5-6 7,9 cm 3,04 cm 155 g 100 yds/ 20lb./WF5F
TFR P CLA 7/8 #7-8 8,6 cm 3,04 cm 164 g 200 yds/ 20lb./WF8F


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