TFO Large Arbor

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TFO Large Arbor reels are machined from 6061 aluminum and offer a state of the art draw bar/carbon fiber disk drag. Three bearings give our reel its smooth as silk spin and a one way roller bearing makes it easily convertible from left to right hand retrieve.

Anodized aluminum reels are extremely corrosion resistant but should be rinsed with fresh water after exposure to saltwater to help protect them. Warm water and a toothbrush can be used to dissolve any salt buildup, which may be in the reel. Anti-corrosive products such as spray polishes, and oils etc. are not required, but may preserve the long-term aesthetics of the reel.

Model Line Diameter Weight Capacity Color
TFR 310 #5-7 7,8 cm 175 g 100 yards 20lb. dacron/WF6F Pewter (gray)
TFR 340 #6-8 8,6 cm 213 g 150 yards 20lb. dacron/WF8F
Pewter (gray)
TFR 375 #7-9 9,5 cm 227 g 250 yards 20lb. dacron/WF8F Pewter (gray)
TFR 425 #10-12 10,8 cm 261 g 275 yards 30lb. dacron/WF10F Black


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