TFO Terry Hayden Reel

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We've teamed up with famed Australian reel designer Terry Hayden to create a new reel that is designed to battle the strongest fish in the ocean.

Machined from 6061 marine grade aluminum and Type III Hard Anodized, TFO's Hayden reels are built tough for a lifetime of service. Hard Anodization penetrates the base metal becoming an integral part of the material while building up on the surface creating a finish that is harder and more durable than those found on the most expensive reels.

Three stainless steel bearings and a large surface area cork drag are combined for smooth start up and positive stopping power. Three sizes cover your big game needs.

Model Description Size Diameter Weight Capacity
TFR HNS 1 Terry Hayden Narrow Spool 1 Large Arbor Reel #8 9,5 cm 306 g 200 yards 20lb. dacron/WF8F
TFR H 1 Terry Hayden 1 Large Arbor Reel #9 9,5 cm 326 g 200 yards 30lb. dacron/WF9F
TFR H 2 Terry Hayden 2 Large Arbor Reel #12 10 cm 357 g 250 yards 30lb. dacron/WF12F
TFR H 3 Terry Hayden 3 Large Arbor Reel #14 11,8 cm 411 g 400 yards 30lb. dacron/WF14F


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