TFO NXT Outfits

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TFO NXT outfits are what the beginning fly caster should demand from the industry. They are a high-performance fly rod combination package that will enhance the learning curve, making it easier and more rewarding to become an active participant in this sport of a lifetime.

All NXT outfits include a rod, cast aluminum disc drag reel spooled with floating fly line, leader and backing packaged in a rod and reel carrying case.

Model Line Length Pieces
TF NXT 4/5 4/5 8' 6" 4
TF NXT 5/6 5/6 9' 0" 4
TF NXT 8/9 (Fighting Butt) 8/9 9' 0" 4

The TFO fly rod in the kit has normal warranty against manufacturing or material defects. In addition to this, in TFO fly rods have extra-warranty (no registration needed in Europe). It is possible to buy service parts with reasonable price if your rod breaks. 

Cost of replacement is starting from 60 euros per part, actual price is evaluated separately for each case. Typically tip part is cheapest and butt has higher price. Service parts might have few weeks delivery time.

If your kit is bought from Mistpool and you need service parts, the fastest way to handle issue is to contact TFO Finnish importer Jaakot Oy (, please include order date and Mistpool order number). If kit is not bought from us, please contact your local TFO importer.


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