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The Rite Bobbin is the only functional, adjustable tension fly tying bobbin on the market! No other bobbin offers the fly tier better thread control at any price. The bobbins are simple to use for any fly tier, from beginner to professional. Each click of the brass tension wheel adds approximately one ounce of tension to the fly tier's thread. Additionally, no cost is spared in obtaining the highest quality ceramic tubes that exist.

Different models available:

  • Standard's overall length is about 9,5 cm and tube's 4 cm. Good all-around bobbin for all kind of fly tying.
  • Shorty model's overall length is about 8 cm and tube's 4 cm. Great for tiers with small hands or when extra accuracy is needed. Best option when the space between fly tying vice and table is too short.
  • Ceramic Magnum model's overall length is about 11,5 cm and tube's 6,5 cm. Best option for big sized patterns such as saltwater flies or flies with muddler type deer hair heads.
  • Half Hitch model's overall length is about 10,5 cm and tube's 5,5 cm. All-a-round model with good grip. Able to whip finish flies using the specially-tapered barrel. NOTE: We do not recommend to use this bobbin with traditional or thin threads as it do not have ceramic tube. Stainless steel tube.
  • Magnum model's overall length is about 13 cm and tube's 7,5 cm. Heavy duty! Designed for large flies and high strength threads (GSP etc.). NOTE: We do not recommend to use this bobbin with traditional or thin threads, use Ceramic Magnum instead. Works for metallic wires etc. Great for rod builders as well. Stainless steel tube.


  1. Spin the golden cross-shaped tension adjuster counter clockwise until the connected screw disengages.
  2. Lift off the two part pressure pad.
  3. Slip your thread spool onto the shaft.
  4. Reinsert the two part pressure pad.
  5. Spin the golden disk clockwise until you feel the "clicks".
  6. Run your thread through the tube.
  7. Adjust the tension disk clockwise to the desired tension.
  8. For momentary extra tension, when pulling hard on material, etc., squeeze the end plates of the bobbin as necessary with your palm.


Ceramic Magnum
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Magnum (steel tube)
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29,90 EUR
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