Jig heads and jig weights

Jig heads can be used for rigging jigs and other soft baits. In addition to traditional jig heads, there is also more cone shaped jig heads for vertical jig fishing. We have also drop shot weights and other more specific sinker types that are suitable for carolina and texas rigs. For example following brands are available in our shop: Daiwa, Gamakatsu, K.P Baits, Mikado, Mustad, Ruthless Fishing and Savage Gear.

How to choose correct jig head weight

The right weight is usually about 1,5-3 g / 1 m. For example in 3 m depth, use about 6 gram jig head. There are many factors that do affect selecting the weight like jig type, line diameter, depth, current and wind. As fishing conditions vary during the day, it is recommended to change jig head often to find the correct weight. The chart below shows approximate guidelines for jig head weight:

Water depth Jig head weight
1-2 m 2-5 g
3-5 m 6-10 g
6-9 m 10-18g
>10 m >15 g