RIO Extreme Tippet

9,95 EUR
Manufacturer: RIO Products

RIO Extreme Tippet is braided tippet material with an exceptional strenght to diameter ratio. This black line is almost 2,5 times stronger than Rio Powerflex. Good choice for Czech nymphing, streamers and big flies. There's no stretch at all, so the fishing sensitivity and hooking features are great.

RIO Extreme Tippet is packed on handy spools. Spools can be easily attach to each other, which keeps spools in order. Spools has got elastic band so that tippet line won't ravel out. Also the thickness of the tippet is written to the elastic band.

Size Strenght Thickness
5X 4,5 kg 0,152mm
4X 6,8 kg 0,178mm
3X 9,1 kg 0,203mm

Extreme Tippet is very strong and has a slick coating and we recommend to use knots designed for braided lines.

Color, Size:

Black, 5X
In stock
Black, 4X
Black, 4X
Out of stock
Black, 3X
Black, 3X
Out of stock
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