Airflo Switch Pro

Från 229,00 EUR
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Tillverkare: Airflo

Airflo Switch Pro reels have had a complete makeover featuring an incredible new design that provides weight reduction, sexy good looks and is still capable of accepting your existing Switch reel 'V' spools. Fully machined for incredible light weight, this reel also features a disk drag more than capable of stopping anything you may hook in UK Stillwater. Each reel comes complete with 4 additional Clear spools and a custom reel bag to keep everything organised.

  • Stunning looks
  • V Spool capacity
  •  Anodised silver finish
  • Machine cut lightweight aluminium cage
  • Bomb-proof disc drag
  • Comes complete with 5 spools
  • Custom reel bag
Model Line capacity Weight
#4/6 WF6 + 100YDS 170 g
#7/9 WF8 + 150YDS 201 g

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