U-40 Cork Seal

8,95 EUR

Cork Seal is designed to seal the surface of cork rod handles. It prevents the penetration of soils and other foreign matter transferred to the grip area from the fisherman's hands. It enhances that "cork feel". It toughens the cork to aid in the prevention of sloughing and chipping of the cork surface. Cork Seal soaks into the cork and seals in depth. Once it is dry, dirt, grime, salmon egg residue are easily washed off with soap and water.


  1. Apply to entire cork surface with bristle brush. Brush out excess that will not soak in. Do not allow to sag, streak, or run.
  2. Apply one coat only. Second coat will not penetrate.
  3. Clean brush immediately in running tap water.
  4. Dries to touch in 30 minutes. Ready to use in 24 hours.

Package size 59 ml (2 fl. oz.)

59 ml (2 oz)
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