Savage Gear 100% Soft FluoroCarbon

Från 6,90 EUR
Tillverkare: Savage Gear

Savage Gear 100% Soft FluoroCarbon is much less visible underwater than regular monofilament and virtually invisible to fish. 100% Soft Fluoro Carbon is UV resistant, chemical resistant, non-absorbent and the super soft formula gives the perfect presentation and action in the water of your bait or lure! Use thickest line for pike leaders and lighter models as a tip line for jig fishing or seatrout fishing.

  • Invisible In Water
  • Super Soft
  • High Knot Strength
  • 100% FluoroCarbon
  • Shock absorbent leader
Length Thickness Breaking strength
0,17mm 50m 4.6lbs/2.1kg
0,22mm 50m 7.6lbs/3,5kg
0,26mm 50m 10.3lbs/4.7kg
0,30mm 50m 13.3lbs/6kg
0,33mm 50m 15.2lbs/7kg
0,39mm 35m 21lbs/9.4kg
0,46mm 35m 27lbs/12.3kg
0,49mm 35m 33.5lbs/15.2kg
0,60mm 20m 48lbs/21.6kg
0,74mm 20m 63lbs/28.7kg
0,81mm 15m 73lbs/33kg
0,92mm 15m 89lbs/40.5kg
1,00mm 15m 111lbs/50.5kg


0,22 mm
6,90 EUR
I lagret
0,30 mm
8,90 EUR
I lagret
0,39 mm
8,90 EUR
I lagret
0,46 mm
11,90 EUR
I lagret
0,49 mm
11,90 EUR
I lagret
0,60 mm
11,90 EUR
Leveranstid 2-4 veckor
0,74 mm
14,90 EUR
Leveranstid 2-4 veckor
0,92 mm
16,90 EUR
I lagret
1,00 mm
18,90 EUR
Leveranstid 2-4 veckor
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