Daiwa Silvercreek Seatrout & Salmon (2,3 and 4 piece models)

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Tillverkare: Daiwa

This Silvercreek range have has been created to serve across a mix fishing styles with multi section models of 3 and 4pc. Designed for sea trout and salmon, there are dedicated lure and bait models offered. 4 piece models fit travelling bag easily and are easy to carry when travelling with airplane.

The Sea Trout range begins at 9’ for 7-28g reaching up to 12’ for 12-40g. 

For Salmon, the Spin models are 11’, 12’ and 13’. Whereas the Bait range covers the same lengths with choices of 2pc and 4pc.


  • Premium grade carbon blanks
  • Stainless Steel frame guide with Zirconium ceramic
  • Cork handle with EVA trim
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Multi section designs for travel
  • Includes rod sock

Silvercreek Seatrout Spin Rods

Model Length Weight Casting Weight Pieces
SCS903MLFS-AS 9' 158g 7-28g 3
SCS1003MLFS-AS 10' 178g 7-28g 3
SCS904MLFS-AS 9' 166g 5-25g 4
SCS1004MLFS-AS 10' 176g 7-30g 4
SCS1104MLFS-AS 11' 210g 10-35g 4
SCS1204MLFS-AS 12' 243g 12-40g 4

Silvercreek Salmon Spin Rods

Model Length Weight Casting Weight Pieces
SCS1104MHFS-AS 11' 282g 20-60g 4
SCS1204MHFS-AS 12' 302g 25-70g 4
SCS1304HFS-AS 13' 348g 120g 4

Silvercreek Salmon Bait Rods (for casting reels)

Model Length Weight Casting Weight Pieces
SCS1104MHFB-AS 11' 291g 20-60g 4
SCS1204MHFB-AS 12' 303g 25-70g 4
SCS1304HFB-AS 13' 361g 120g 4
SCS1102HB-AS 11' 328g 150g 2
SCS1202HB-AS 12' 370g 150g 2


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