Daiwa Legalis Spinning Rod

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Tillverkare: Daiwa

Daiwa Legalis Spinning Rod - When you are looking for high-quality, affordable rods for leisure fishing you can easily find answers in this series. Legalis feature Daiwa's high-quality carbon fibre blanks, whole cork handles and high-quality rod rings.

By combining with the matching Legalis reels you will find the reel and rod set its price class with the gorgeous, elegant finish and desing complete the package. We highly recommend Legalis!

  • LG 562LFS Designed for light spinners and lures. 
  • LG 602MFS-AS Effective bass jig design for leisure-seeking fishermen.
  • LG 602MMHFS-AS Slightly more powerful and recommended the model for zander jig fishing.
  • LG 902 and 1002MLFS-AS Designed for fishing with lighter lures. With casting weight 5-25g and parabolic actions these rods are perfect for light spinning for perch, trout and seatrout plus a good choice for drop shot fishing. 
  • LG 702 and 802 MFS-AS These models are for most general to the most common fishing styles. 802 MFS-AS is suitable for seatrout fishing.
  • LG 702, 802 and 902 MHFS-AS Suitable of general fishing when you want to use slightly heavier lures.


  • Slime balanced carbon blanks
  • Cork grips
  • Stainless steel frame guides with Aluminium Oxide ceramics
Model Length Weight Casting Weight Sections
LG562LFS-AS 5’6”/168cm 93g 3-15g 2
LG602MFS-AS 6’0”/183cm 105g 10-30g 2
LG602MMHFS-AS 6’0”/183cm 117g 12-35g 2
LG702MFS-AS 7’0”/213cm 124g 10-30g 2
LG702MHFS-AS 7’0”/213cm 127g 15-40g 2
LG802MFS-AS 8’0”/244cm 143g 10-30g 2
LG802MHFS-AS 8’0”/244cm 156g 15-40g 2
LG802HFS-AS 8’0”/244cm 165g 20-60g 2
LG902MLFS-AS 9’0”/274cm 151g 5-25g 2
LG902MHFS-AS 9’0”/274cm 181g 10-50g 2
LG1002MLFS-AS 10’0”/304cm 181g 5-25g 2


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