UV2 Flat Wing Saddles

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Tillverkare: Hareline

UV2 Flat Wing Saddles can be used for tying Flat Wing Streamers. Suitable as well for other streamer and saltwater patterns. Use as a tail or wing material or wind a hackle for all kind of wet flies.

Flatwing saddle size is approximately 30 x 13 cm. Feather length varies between 10 and 20 cm. Barb length approximately 1 - 2 cm.

Ultravision UV2 is a proprietary process of dying that enhances material, adds visibility and natural color spectrums. Double dye process gives UV2 materials and flies the added UVF/UVR ultraviolet wave lengths.

  • UVF is the UV Fluorescence. It is common on everything from street signs to bass lures. Lighter colors have stronger UVF effect on human eyes and darker colors weaker.
  • UVR is the UV Reflectance. It is a spectrum of wave lengths humans can not perceive yet is extremely common in the animal and insect world. UVR allows mayflies to find mates, and bees to find flowers. Many male birds and bugs have a strong natural UVR signature.


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