Mikado Sensual Offset Worm Jig Hook

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Tillverkare: Mikado

Mikado Sensual Offset Worm Jig Hook - A range of modified shape, super strong, forged offset hooks designed to use in a variety of spinning techniques – Drop Shot, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig and with a Cheburashka jig head. Also perfect for using with soft baits (Swimbaits, shads, etc.) which allows fishing in weed-heavy waters without getting snagged. Available in a wide selection of sizes.

Hook size Total length Gape width Quantity
#2/0 45 mm 18 mm 5 pcs
#3/0 47 mm 19 mm 5 pcs
#4/0 51 mm 21 mm 5 pcs
#5/0 57 mm 22 mm 5 pcs

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