Vision Tippet Rings

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Tillverkare: Vision

Vision Tippet Rings help you to tie the leader easier and faster. Tie the end of your leader onto one of these and then tie your tippet length to the ring. They are also great for tying droppers to leader or when you want to attach fluorocarbon to monofilament. They weigh almost nothing, so they do not affect turnover or the leaders floating/sinking properties. Vision tippet rings are also available in bigger size with 20 kilo breaking strength. You may now enjoy these in salmon and pike fishing too.

Two differenth strengths:

  • 12 kg: Bright steel color. Most used for light grayling and trout fishing.
  • 20 kg: Stealth model. The matt black colour doesn't reflect so they won't spook the fish. Best choice for large fish.

10 rings per bag.


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