Vision Big Mama Leaders

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Vision Big Mama leader family is made for active predator fly fishermen. You can choose your favourite from three different options: Classic, Stealth and Wire. All models include a robust Mustad’s Fastach clip for quick and easy fly change.

  • Stealth: Stealth is made solely from our Space fluorocarbon 0.90mm. It is ideal for those conditions when the sea is calm and weather is sunny and fish seem to be super spooky. The total length of this leader is a bit over 2 metres. It has a loop on the rear end and a sturdy Mustad’s Fastach clip on the front end.
  • Classic: Classic has a 50cm wire leader made from our Wireline (35lb) attached to a 160cm long fluorocarbon leader. They are attached with a tippet ring. This makes it easy to change the wire tippet when needed. The overall length of the leader is a bit over 2 metres. It has a Mustad’s Fastach clip.
  • Wire: Wire is 50 cm long piece of heavy-duty wire (35lb) with a proper Mustad’s Fastach TM clip on the front end and a big loop on the rear end. It is easy to attach the wire to your own leader.
Model Length Strength Material
Stealth 7' / 210 cm 15,9 kg / 35 lb Fluorocarbon
Classic 7' / 210 cm 15,9 kg / 35 lb Fluorocarbon / 35 lb wire
Wire 1'6" / 50 cm 15,9 kg / 35 lb 35 lb wire


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