Vision Control Running Line

49,00 EUR
Tillverkare: Vision

Vision Control is a perfect running line for those who want to know where their fly is. This monofilament core running line has an orange HiFlo-coating with dark green markers at 5 m intervals. You can easily see how much line you have out and if you get a take it’s easy to cover that lie again as you know how far it was. The monofilament core makes it slightly stiffer compared to Vision Rannari running lines so you’re less likely to get tangles. They have a big loop at the front and smaller at the back for easy attachment to the backing and shooting head.

  • Floating
  • Monofilament core
  • Phthalate free
Strength Length Color Use
20 lb 30 m Blue Single hand rods, switch and light double hand rods
30 lb 30 m Orange Double hand rods


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