Senyo's Micro Shank

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Senyo's Micro Shank – Tie scaled-down articulated flies with lifelike movement. Greg Senyo is a prominent steelhead and salmon expert who has designed many leading fly tying materials.

Senyo’s Micro Shank is a smaller, lighter version of the popular Senyo’s Articulated Shank, and is a simple, versatile solution for tying a variety of small, articulated flies such as petite trout wet flies, low-water steelhead flies, sparse streamer designs, and small traditional salmon flies. The wire diameter is small enough to directly attach to hooks as small as size #10.

The ultralight, slim, and strong shank also offers a new option for tying surface flies and brings a high degree of realistic, articulated movement to small fly design.


  • Quick and easy to tie: Senyo's Shank is designed to be able to be held straight in any fly tying vise, avoiding the need to tie the fly at strange angles. This allows you to easily attach a free-swinging stinger hook or do a direct hook-to-shank connection using the rear loop.
  • Loop-up eye: Keeping with traditional salmon and steelhead flies.
  • Thin wire: The Micro Shank uses thinner, lighter wire, enabling articulation of the fly without adding weight, which is a key factor in small, featherweight fly design. This provides your flies with a more realistic action, while maintaining profile and the suspended, slow sink rates ideal for these styles of fishing.
  • Small rear loop: Allows you to attach hooks directly onto the shank.
  • Stainless steel: For saltwater use.

Hooks can be attached in 2 ways:

  1. They can be connected directly to the rear loop to form a fixed articulated joint.
  2. They can be connected using a wire loop to create a free-swinging stinger hook. Senyo Thin Intruder Wire for hooks #6 and under are ideal.

25 shanks per package.


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