Daiwa Prorex X Spinning

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Tillverkare: Daiwa

Daiwa Prorex X Spinning rod series have great rods for all fishing styles. Rods are build on high quality and lightweight HVF carbon blanks. Components are from Fuji.

Fifteen different spinning rod models. 6-7 feet long models are suitable for jig fishing and other light fishing styles. These rods have Fuji Skeleton reel seats which are lightweight and presents exceptional touch for fishing. Fingers are in continuous touch with the blank and you will feel even the slightest bites. For season 2021 street fishing models are available.

8' and longer models have Fuji VSS reel seat and EVA split grips. You will get a good hold of the rod and fighting with bigger fish is easy.

  • HVF Carbon blank
  • X45
  • V-Joint
  • Fuji Guide with Fazlite Rings
  • EVA split grip handle
  • Fuji SKSS reel seat (models 7’ and under)
  • Fuji VSS reel seat (models 8’ and up)

Rod models:

  • PXE 602MLFS-AS: Light all-a-round rod for jigging perch and zander.
  • PXE 662MMHFS-AS: Rod for those who wants powerful rod for jigging zander. Strong blank will set the hook easily even when fishing in deep water.
  • PXE 702ULFS-AS: Rod for ultra light fishing. With this rod you can fish micro jigs and other light lures. Great choice as well for street fishing.
  • PXE 702LFS-AS Dropshot: Dropshot rod for perch.
  • PXE 702MLFS-AS: A bit longer all-a-round rod for jigging perch.
  • PXE 702MHFS-AS: A bit longer all-a-round rod for jigging zander. Works as well for general light fishing.
  • PXE 742UL-S-AS: Ultra-Light Street Fishing rod for very lightweight lures.
  • PXE 782L-S-AS: Light Street Fishing rod is versatile choice for street fishing.
  • PXE 792LFS-AS: Slightly longer rod gives more casting distance with light lures.
  • PXE 802MLFS-AS: Seatrout rod for those who like to fish from boat. Can be used as a lighter all-a-round rod as well.
  • PXE802MFS-AS: Mid-range rod for light pike fishing, heavy trout or light salmon fishing.
  • PXE802MHFS-AS: Pure pike rod for medium-heavy fishing. Works for lures up to 60 grams.
  • PXE802HFS-AS: Heavy pike rod for larger lure up to 80 grams.
  • PXE902MLFS-AS: Best choice for seatrout beach fishing.
  • PXE902MFS-AS: Longer and a bit heavier all-a-round rod for pike fishing, heavier trout and light salmon fishing.
Model Length Weight Casting weight Sections
PXE602MLFS-AS 6’/183cm 103g 5-25g 2
PXE662MMHFS-AS 6’6’’/201cm 128g 10-35g 2
PXE702ULFS-AS 7’/213cm 103g 1-9g 2
PXE702LFS-AS, Dropshot 7’/213cm 104g 5-21g 2
PXE702MLFS-AS 7’/213cm 108g 5-25g 2
PXE702MHFS-AS 7’/213cm 126g 10-40g 2
PXE742UL-S-AS 7’4’’/225cm 95g 0,5-5g 2
PXE782L-S-AS 7’8’’/238cm 103g 1-8g 2
PXE792LFS-AS 7’9’’/241cm 110g 3-21g 2
PXE802MLFS-AS 8’/244cm 139g 5-25g 2
PXE802MFS-AS 8’/244cm 148g 10-40g 2
PXE802MHFS-AS 8’/244cm 158g 20-60g 2
PXE802HFS-AS 8’/244cm 162g 40-80g 2
PXE902MLFS-AS 9’/274cm 151g 5-25g 2
PXE902MFS-AS 9’/274cm 163g 10-40g 2


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