Vision Koski Waders

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Vision Koski waders are made from soft and comfortable materials. The lower part’s thicker material comes up to your thighs, so it makes this wader strong. The water resistant front pocket is made from wader fabric and features water resistant YKK AquaGuard zipper. There are an accessory attachment loops on both sides of the pocket and accessory strap on the upper end of the pocket, both outside and in so you can attach lots of useful tools to this wader. This wader comes with a waterproof, clear TPU pocket which is removable and ideal for your phone and car keys. There is a strong velcro for easy and quick attachment and two securing strings with hooks to secure this pocket.

  • Lightweight 4-layer construction
  • Waterproof and breathable F4™ fabric
  • Curved NoSeam™ cut for perfect fit
  • A large water resistant pocket in front
  • Waterproof & removable TPU pocket
  • D-rings & accessory loops and straps
  • 2 heavy duty belt loops
  • Built-in gravel guards
  • Neoprene feet with left and right side design
  • Drying loops
  • Made in Korea

Selecting correct wader size

It is important to have the right size of waders to get their maximum performance. For example, if your waders are too small it will stress the seams too much and create a great risk of leakage. The first step in choosing is to find out your type of waders.

Vision have grouped waders for Standard, King, Long and Short sizes. If you are of average build, start with Standard sizes. For slimmer and taller builds try Long and for heavier builds use King sizes. Availability of different size groups depends on the wader model.

See the sizing image, which contains measuments marked with letters A-D. In the table you will see these measurements for different wader sizes. 

  • A: Chest girth 
  • B: Waist girth
  • C: Inseam, measure from the crotch to the end of the sock heel (to the floor)
  • D: Wader "height" ie. outseam from top of the wader down to the end of the sock heel (to the floor)
STANDARD A (chest) B (waist) C (inseam) D (outseam) Sock length
XS 107 cm 104 cm 81 cm 135 cm 25 cm
S 112 cm 109 cm 86 cm 141 cm 26 cm
M 117 cm 114 cm 89 cm 145 cm 28 cm
L 127 cm 124 cm 93 cm 150 cm 29 cm
XL 132 cm 130 cm 94 cm 154 cm 30 cm
XXL 140 cm 137 cm 97 cm 159 cm 32 cm
LONG A (chest) B (waist) C (inseam) D (outseam) Sock lenght
M 117 cm 114 cm 95 cm 152 cm 28 cm
L 127 cm 124 cm 98 cm 157 cm 29 cm
XL 132 cm 130 cm 100 cm 163 cm 30 cm
KING A (chest) B (waist) C (inseam) D (outseam) Sock lenght
M 132 cm 127 cm 89 cm 145 cm 28 cm
L 140 cm 134 cm 93 cm 150 cm 29 cm
XL 147 cm 142 cm 95 cm 155 cm 30 cm
SHORT A (chest) B (waist) C (inseam) D (outseam) Sock lenght
M 117 cm 114 cm 86 cm 142 cm 28 cm
L 127 cm 124 cm 89 cm 146 cm 29 cm
XL 132 cm 130 cm 93 cm 151 cm 30 cm
LADYFIT A (chest) B (waist) C (inseam) D (outseam) Sock lenght
S 102 cm 100 cm 85 cm 135 cm 26 cm
M 107 cm 105 cm 88 cm 140 cm 26 cm

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