TFO Axiom II Switch

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TFO Axiom II Switch - This EFTTEX Best New Fly Rod, is engineered for two-hand anglers requiring optimal performance across a range of fishing techniques from a single rod. Because line weight distribution is different between “swinging flies,” “indicator fishing,” and “throwing lead,” optimizing a two-hand rod for all three techniques was previously impossible. Now, by combining TFO’s highest modulus materials and our proprietary Kevlar application with actions inspired by our industry-leading Deer Creek series, Axiom II breaks the code delivering the large grain windows necessary for a truly exceptional multi-technique two-handed rod.

The primary goal of a switch rod is to allow the caster the ability to achieve maximum targeted forward distance with the least amount of expended energy, while maintaining a functional rod length for line management and fish fighting.

An evolution from our wildly successful Deer Creek Series, the Axiom II switch family features the same easy loading, close quarters casting attributes, in medium-action and medium stiffness, engineered to fit the angler and the scenario (not the other way around). The Axiom II switch rod offers the optimization of the benefits of two-handed or spey style casting, but with a shorter lever (to accommodate medium sized water, or tight-quarters fishing out of a boat).

Because of the unique double-helix of Kevlar embedded within the blank, anglers can maintain load and easily cast heavy sink tips, long scandi lines and indicators or lead without fear of lost distance and rod performance.

Model Length Line Wt. Weight (grams / oz.) Line recommendation Pieces
TF 6 110 4 A2 11' #6 176 g (6.2 oz.) 300-500 grains 4
TF 7 110 4 A2 11' #7 184 g (6.5 oz.) 350-550 grains 4
TF 8 110 4 A2 11' #8 193 g ('6.8 oz.) 400-600 grains 4

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