Loop SDS Switch Kits

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Loop SDS Switch Kits - The all new synchro dynamic system (SDS) Multi-Tip lines are the accumulation of over three decades of experience in pioneering fly line design and development. The line system is a totally interchangeable shooting head solution for modern two handed fly fishing techniques with switch and double-handed fly rods. Comprising of one floating head and three density tips, the SDS system offers a comprehensive cross-section of fishing applications for the pursuit of multiple freshwater and anadromous species.

Throughout the extensive development process, the highest priority was placed on maximising both the aerodynamic and hydrodynamic properties of the system to maximise the casting and fishing performance. Designed specifically as a two-part head and tip configuration, Loop's Switch, Scandi and Skagit solutions are built on extremely low stretch core for seamless transfer of casting energy and superior fly presentation at a range of distances and fishing depths.

The Synchro Dynamic System is quickly set up on the riverside by a simple loop-to-loop connection process. New welded loops are the strongest Loop have tested during the extensive development process and connect the system together in an ultra-slim loop-to-loop profile. This allows for unbroken transfer of power from the belly through the attachable tip to enhance fly presentation. For ease of identification, each head and interchangeable tip are laser-marked with their designated line classification to insure the correct line to rod balance is achieved.

  • Kit contains floating head and three tips with different densities
  • Tip densities: Floating, Intermediate and S3 ( sinking rate 3 inches per second)
  • Handy mesh wallet for tips
  • For the use of this line system, you need to use running line, for example Loop SDS Running Line
  • Spare tips available: Loop SDS Switch Tips
Lines Head length Tip length Head weight Tip weight
#5 6 m / 19.7 ft 3 m / 10 ft 13 g / 201 gr 5 g / 77 gr
#6 6 m / 19.7 ft 3 m / 10 ft 15 g / 232 gr 5 g / 77 gr
#7 6 m / 19.7 ft 3 m / 10 ft 17 g / 263 gr 5 g / 77 gr


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