Swiss CDC Gems (Chamois)

6,95 EUR
Tillverkare: SwissCDC

Swiss CDC Chamois (lat. rupicapra rupicapra) is interesting material for dry flies. It has been popular material in alpine countries for a long time, but have lately gained wider popularity among fly tiers. The closest similar material is deer body hair, while the chamois have softer and thinner hair. Hair structure is slightly curly. Chamois can be used as wing material for dry flies and the most popular way to use this material is to tie it with dubbing loop together with CDC and create nice furry thoraxes. Use for caddis imitations.

Skin size about 6 x 7 cm. Hair length is approximately 2-5 cm. Natural autumn fur color. Note that these skins are not dyed so there is some variation in colors.

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