Shimano Nasci FB

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Tillverkare: Shimano

Shimano Nasci FB sets new standards in the hugely popular series. For the first time ever a reel features Hagane gear and CoreProtect, once only found on Shimano's most expensive reels. These additions increase gear strength and ensures an eternally smooth reeling experience, even under the most heavy duty conditions. X-Ship increases winding efficiency and smoothness making the Nasci FB suitable for many freshwater fishing situations. The G-Free Body technology has been developed to shift the reel's centre of gravity closer to the rod. This has been achieved by moving the worm shaft oscillation mechanism 19 mm from the bottom of the reel to the top. By moving the centre of gravity closer to the anglers hand position, the G-Free Body helps to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort. The Nasci FB contains 4 Shielded Stainless Steel bearings and a roller bearing for smooth, assured performance when under pressure. The Nasci FB has a distinctive look that sets it apart from many other reels.

Available in a wide range of sizes, from the smallest 1000 size for finesse fishing with lightweight sensitive rods, to the compact bodied 5000 size for feeder or heavy lure fishing. A shallow spooled 3000 model is also available, suitable for use with lightweight mono for float fishing or braid when predator or medium range feeder fishing.

  • Spinning reel
  • Waterproof drag
  • Durable Hagane gear is cold forged
  • Line lay: Varispeed provides troublefree and long distance casts
  • G Free Body gives great comfort since the internal parts of the reel are shifted closer to the rod compared to reels without the G Free Body feature.
  • X-Ship: Is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. By positioning the pinion gear close to the centre line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano ARB roller bearings. This creates more stability.
  • ARC Spool: Patented spool design with an angled spool lip. This design enables the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils resulting in longer more accurate casts. ARC spools are proven to reduce backlash and wind knots when using braid.
  • CoreProtect prevents water entering the body, from under the rotor at the front of the body, and also into the roller bearing unit
  • Body material: XT-7 - The original Shimano composite reel material. Reliable, robust and lightweight.
  • Bearings: 4+1
  • Spool material: Cold forged aluminium
  • Handle: Single machined aluminium
Model Weight Gear ratio Bearings Max drag Line capacity (mm/m)
NAS1000FB 215 g 5,6:1 4+1 2,5 kg 0.20-110
NAS2500FB 250 g 5,0:1 4+1 9 kg 0.18-290/0.20-240/0.25-160
NAS2500HGSFB 250 g 6,2:1 4+1 4 kg 0.16-150/0.18-120/0.20-95
NAS4000FB 295 g 4,7:1 4+1 11 kg 0.25-260/0.30-180/0.35-130
NAS4000XGFB 295 g 6,2:1 4+1 11 kg 0.25-260/0.30-180/0.35-130
NAS500FB 175 g 5,6:1 4+1 2,5 kg 0.20-110
NASC2000HGSFB 220 g 6,0:1 4+1 3 kg 0.14-145/0.16-105/0.18-80
NASC2000SFB 220 g 5,0:1 4+1 3 kg 0.14-145/0.16-105/0.18-80
NASC3000FB 250 g 5,0:1 4+1 9 kg 0.25-210/0.30-130/0.35-100
NASC3000HGFB 250 g 6,2:1 4+1 9 kg 0.25-210/0.30-130/0.35-100
NASC5000XGFB 300 g 6,2:1 4+1 11 kg 0.30-240/0.35-175/0.40-120


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