FD17380BL Pike Hook

4,95 EUR Inkl. 24% moms
Tillverkare: Flyfishing Department

Flyfishing Department FD17380BL Pike Hook is - as the name tells - a large pike hook for tying big baitfish patterns. The hook has black nickel finish and chemically sharpened point. Nice hook for Hollow Deceivers and other popular pike fly patterns. Excellent value for money!

  • FD17380BL is designed for tying pike flies and other large baitfish patterns
  • Black nickel finish
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Long shank
  • Barb
  • 10 hooks per package
Hook size Total length Gape width
#3/0 49 mm 14 mm
#5/0 61 mm 17 mm

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