Stonfo Needles Set (splicing tool)

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Stonfo Needles Set can be used for building loops on tubular braided line and knotting legs for flies. The package contains two tools in different sizes. Excellent material for creating your own loops is Cortland Braided Mono Looping Material. There are many different techniques for splicing loops and we recommend to always make them carefully to ensure the strength. Remember to always test the strength before fishing. The biggest advantage for using DIY braided loops over ready-made ones, is that you can make them in all sizes and you can be sure that the loop will hold in even toughest situations. Usually splice loops are used for attaching shooting heads, tips & tippets, running lines etc. with loop-to-loop connection.

In addition to splicing loops for fly lines, this tool can be used for fly tying. For example knotting legs of pheasant tail or rubber legs goes easily with this one. Flat shape on metallic needle section allows the tool to be placed on fly tying vice's jaws which makes the working steadier.

  • Stonfo Needles Set is splicing tool for braided loop material
  • Can be also used for knotting legs for flies etc.
  • Metallic section's length is approx. 5,5 cm
  • Package contains two tools in different sizes
  • Smaller tool's tip diameter is about 0,2 mm and larger 0,8 mm
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