Hermit Palmer

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Hermit Palmer Handheld Fly Tying Vise is a brand new fly tying vise that enables you to tie flies regardless of the place. Because of the compact size and ultralight design of the Palmer it travels conveniently with you wherever you go. Palmer is always ready to tie flies, whether you are travelling at the back seat of a car or taking a break in a tent.

Handheld fly tying is not a new thing. It's an important part of a history of fly tying. Before commercial breakthrough of fly tying vises, most classic flies were tied in hand and those patterns are still highly appreciated and imitated. Palmer just brings this traditional method to the 21st century and makes it a lot easier.

This improved version has a custom front adjusment bolt to make more space for your fingers and allow left-handed tiers to tie more easily. The steel jaws have also a new finish for better look. All parts are made of metal and thanks to the minimalistic design, the tool is extremely durable. Thread lock at the base of the tool allows you to take a break any time during the fly tying session.


  1. Place the Palmer’s spine along the bottom of your fingers with the jaw covering your index finger. Close your middle, ring and pinky finger. Now you are ready to tie. With your thumb and index finger you can hold down materials while you tie. 
  2. Adjust the front bolt clockwise so that the hook is firmly secured to the jaws.
  3. Finish the hook fastening by adjusting the back bolt clockwise to reach the secure hook tenison.
  4. If you want to take a break or put down the Palmer to prep materials just tie a turn around the spring on the bottom to keep the tension on your thread. Just rewind to keep tying.

Hermi Palmer features:

  • Handheld fly tying vise - easy to carry and no need for pedestal base or c clamp attachment
  • Durable and high quality steel jaws
  • The whole tool is made of metal
  • Works also for left handed fly tiers
  • Weighs only 90 grams
  • Designed and made in Finland
Palmer Handheld Fly Tying Vise
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