Whiting Guinea Fowl

Från 74,95 EUR Inkl. 24% moms
Tillverkare: Whiting

Whiting's Guinea fowl is the highest quality around. Once again, Dr. Tom Whiting has taken an average bird and done great things. Known primarily for Atlantic Salmon patterns, this unique feather is making its way onto fly tying benches of trout fishers everywhere. For the serious tier, buy a full skin. Feathers have beautiful pattern and the whole skin covers all feather sizes. Two skin size options.

Whiting Guinea Fowl features:

  • Has the highest quality we have ever seen on Guinea Fowl skins
  • Contains the whole skin
  • Beautiful colour pattern
  • Use for salmon flies etc.
  • Two sizes available - medium and large
  • Medium: size approximately 50 x 30 cm
  • Large: size approximately 55 x 35 cm

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Naturlig, Medium
Naturlig, Medium
74,95 EUR
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Naturlig, Large
Naturlig, Large
89,95 EUR
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