Smith Creek Rod Rack

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The Smith Creek Rod Rack is the heavy-duty universal fishing-rod rack for SUV's, Station Wagons and Vans. The innovative and patented racking system holds seven rod and reel combinations overhead out of the way. Easy to use locking shock cord holders secure and support rods without rattles or damage even on the roughest roads. Rods are easily racked and kept highly accessible. Rods and reels can be carried full length rigged-up or broken-down to fit. Fitted inside a vehicle in a minute, the system can also be rolled up and stored into its' compact carry bag in seconds.

Holds up to seven rods and reel combinations

The rod retention system uses a patented locking shock cord and eyelet setup. The above or below 2-way support system conveniently and safely secures rods and reels without damaging handles, tips, ferrules or lines. For fresh or saltwater outfits.

Rods are highly accessible!

Multiple vehicle attachment options allow the carriers to be located where the rods can be easily reached.

Travel with your rods inside your vehicle

Where they're safe and protected from wind, weather, bugs, dust and road grime.

Long Rods – Compact vehicle, no problem

If your rods are longer than the vehicle interior, simply detach and fold over the tip section, tension both the forward and rear shock cords to secure.

High performance suction cups

Suction cup performance rigorously tested for over two years in the field.

Rugged Smith Creek quality

Heavy-duty nylon straps and shock cords, custom made heavy-duty metal eyelets, high-quality plastic buckles, and heavy-duty locking suction cups.


For use with SUV’s, Cross-overs, Station Wagons and Vans that have over door grab handles, rear side windows or accessory hooks, and a rear door, hatchback or tailgate.


Adjusts from 36”/92cm to 76”/193cm.
Adaptable to truck bed canopies, boats, sheds and garages with four eyebolts and a little imagination. Hardware not included.

Quick to fit

The forward carrier attaches to the grab handles above the back seat doors or the vehicle accessory hooks. The rear carrier can be attached to the vehicles rear side windows using supplied heavy-duty dual suction cup mounts, overhead grab handles, or to fixed accessory hooks using supplied carabiners.


Not recommended for use with heavy big game fishing outfits while using the suction cups. It's important not to position the suction cups over window heater or antenna wires. Windows must be clean and dust free. See suction cup instruction sheet located in suction cup box for installation guidelines.

Product includes:

  • Two rod carrier straps
  • Two heavy-duty locking suction cups
  • Two round carabiners
  • One draw-string storage bag
  • Four strap retainers

The Rod Rack was created by company founder and designer Wayne Smith. Mr. Smith was not happy with his DIY strap rack or any of the racks on the market, so he designed his ultimate rack.

Mr. Smith comments, “My SUV does double duty as a family car and work truck, so a permanent rod rack doesn't work for me, and for lots of reasons I don’t like using exterior mounts. I wanted a serious piece of equipment that was quick and easy to install, fast to stow, and easy to use. It had to have no-nonsense rod holders able to carry my delicate fly rods, while being strong enough to carry my heavy steelhead and saltwater outfits. It was equally important that the rear strap could be mounted where my rods can be easily reached. The system couldn't be finicky and had to be tough enough for guides who’ll use them every-day in trying conditions. Prototypes must be tested in the field so it took us over two years to refine the system, but it was worth it. I believe we got it right and I’m proud of the final product.”

Rod Rack
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