OPST SHS Commando Floating Tip - Steelhead/Salmon Series

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OPST SHS Commando Floating Tip - Steelhead/Salmon Series is the heaviest OPST's floating tip. OPST is known for Skagit, but what some people don't know is that if you harness the power of a Skagit head, and finish it with a tapered, floating tip, you get something that can be described as "micro Scandi". Lazer-sharp loops and delicate presentations are now possible with a Commando Head, with OPST's new floating Commando Tips. They can be fished with straight tippet or, for ultra-delicate presentations, tapered leaders. These Commando Floating Tips come with loops at both ends, and are 26 pound test to withstand any fish you may encounter. You will be amazed at the loops you can throw with these tips. Rediscover your Commando Head & Commando Smooth and rediscover salmon fishing with Commando Floating Tips.

OPST SHS Commando Floating Tips - Steelhead/Salmon Series tips come in 7.5, 10, 12 and 14 foot lengths, and weigh 55, 75, 90, and 110 grains, respectively. These tips are meant for swinging light wet flies, skating steelhead flies on the surface, and also nymphing. With these tips, rod length is more important than Commando Head weight in making a choice.

The 7.5 footer is a great choice for 6-through 8-weight single handed rods up to about 10 feet, with Commando Heads from 250 to around 300 grains. The 10 footer is your best choice for switch rods from 10 to 12 feet, with Commando Heads from about 300 to 400 grains while the 12 footer excels with rods from around 11 to 13 feet and Commando Heads from 350 to 450 grains. OPST 14 foot SHS tip is for what we consider really long rods from 13 feet and up, all the way to 16 or 17 feet, beyond what we recommend even using with Commando Heads. Grain length of Commando Head varies for all of these tips, but the 14 footer is primarily meant for heavier heads from 400 to 475 grains.

Check out OPST Commando Floating Tip - Trout Series as well which is designed for single hand rods and shorter switch rods.

Length Weight (grains / grams) OPST Commando Head Rod length Rod
7,5' / 2,29 m 55 gr / 3,6 g 250 - 300 grains up to 10' Single hand, #6-8
10' / 3,05 m 75 gr / 4,9 g 300 - 400 grains 10' - 12' Switch
12' / 3,66 m 90 gr / 5,8 g 350 - 450 grains 11' - 13' Switch & Double hand
14' / 4,27 m 110 gr / 7,1 g 400 - 475 grains 13' and up Double hand

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